Abijah Comstock House

New Canaan, Connecticut

September 25, 2015


This historic Connecticut farmhouse was built in 1750 by Abijah Comstock, and sits on a beautiful site with rolling hills and beautiful gardens. This was one of the founding families of New Canaan. It began as a small two room house and grew with additions over subsequent generations. The Comstock family lived in the house until 1915.

The current owners have lived there for fifteen years. They have been painstakingly upgrading the structure and systems of the home, and restoring the interior. As we have turned more recently to more “cosmetic” changes, guided by the principles of the “invisible hand” and “perfectly imperfect”, we have tried to be sensitive to the house’s atmosphere and architecture in our renovations. While not a “grand mansion” of its time, with its western exposures and tremendous light set up high on the ridge line, the farmhouse reflects a level of sophistication that speaks to the prominence and wealth of the Comstock family within the greater Norwalk CT area.

The kitchen that was in the house was from a remodeling in the 1930’s and then a later upgrade, and did not work well with the patiently restored interiors of the other rooms. So this kitchen renovation, along with some built in bookcases in the library, was to be the crowning touch to a true labor of love. The room is a long, narrow rectangle with 7 doors/passageways that originally had a small step up in the middle. The new kitchen has hand planed varnished Georgian cabinetry. The main work area has a modern wolf rangetop and double ovens, a soapstone farm sink, splashes, and counters, and a plate drying rack above the sink. We also designed and built a reproduction corner cabinet, a painted hutch and sideboard. The refrigerators are built in on an opposite wall and designed to have the appearance of a built in pantry. The floors are made from antique wide planed boards. The new harvest table is made from some of the original splined oak floor boards excavated from under four layers of flooring material in the kitchen.